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Wholesale Proofgrade 1/8 (3mm) Cast Acrylic Sheet with Paper Mask for Laser Cutting and Engraving. Glowforge laser acrylic supply. Bulk


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Our cast acrylic sheets are perfect for laser cutting and engraving projects. Made with high-quality materials, these sheets are durable and long-lasting. Each sheet comes with a paper mask to protect the surface during the cutting process, ensuring a smooth and accurate result every time.

Available in a variety of sizes, our wholesale pricing makes these sheets a great value for artists, makers, and small businesses.

Order now to take advantage of our bulk pricing and start your next laser cutting and engraving project with ease!


High-quality cast acrylic material
Comes with paper mask for protection during cutting process
Ideal for laser cutting and engraving projects
Wholesale pricing for bulk orders
Available in a variety of sizes.
Note: The sizes and prices of the sheets can be specified in the "Variations" section of the listing.

Cast acrylic sheets are popular in the art and craft community for creating a variety of items such as jewelry, sculptures, and home decor items. The material is easy to work with, allowing for intricate cutting and engraving

NOTE: Our sheets are cut to the exact dimention up to 11x11!!
12x12 will be 11 3/4 by 11 3/4
12x16 will be 11 3/4 by 15 3/4
12x20 will be 11 3/4 by 19 3/4

❤We ship fast (24-48 hours)

❤We don't take returns, but contact us if your order have any issues.

❤Paper mask on both sides.

❤ 1/8" (3mm) Thick cast acrylic.

❤ Templates on our Facebook group.

❤ We love to do custom orders, just send us a message